More success: The VIG 25 strategic programme

The VIG Group has defined a strategic programme for the next five years. More efficiency, more customer proximity and more value added prepare the ground for more sustainable success.

VIG 25 – simply explained

The management of VIG Holding developed the VIG 25 strategic programme for 2021 to 2025 together with the CEOs of the Group companies. Building on the successful Agenda 2020, it is helping to achieve the Company's strategic objectives, namely expanding its leading market position in the CEE region, creating sustainable value and achieving sustainability objectives in the areas of society, customers and employees.

A world undergoing radical change

An analysis of the most important trends and developments and their effects on the insurance industry was the starting point for the new strategic programme.

Trends and developments

The requirements

The analysis revealed a number of basic requirements that the Group must satisfy in order to successfully achieve sustainable development.

  • Strengthening sustainability as an integral part of the business model
  • Further increasing the efficiency and productivity of business operations, thereby continuing and intensifying the digital transformation
  • Developing new ways to approach and retain customers in order to respond to changing consumer expectations and behaviours
  • Promoting consumer understanding of the importance of risk provisions

Strategic focus areas in three horizons

In response to the trends and requirements, the VIG Group will optimise, enhance and expand its business model through targeted activities in three strategic focus areas and thereby ensuring more efficiency, more customer proximity and more value added.

  • More efficiency
  • Optimise the business model by increasing productivity and efficiency
    • Process simplification and automation
    • Exchange and implement best practice examples
    • Further optimise underwriting and pricing
  • More customer proximity
  • Enhance the business model with new ways to approach customers and by enriching the product range with services that provide additional value for customers
    • Increase brand visibility and the attractiveness of products
    • Use of a hybrid distribution approach that combines personal and digital contact
  • More value added
  • Expand the business model and value chain beyond the insurance business
    • Focus on asset management and the pension fund business
    • Establish ecosystems
    • Promote awareness of precaution and risk protection