Harald Riener

Harald Riener (portrait, © Ian Ehm)

Year of birth: 1969

Date first appointed: 1 January 2020

End of current term of office: 30 June 2023

Harald Riener studied social and economic sciences at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and joined the Group in 1998, where he worked in the marketing area for Donau Versicherung and Wiener Städtische until 2001. After working for a media publishing company, he returned to the Group in 2006 as Marketing Manager of VIG Holding. He became a member of the Managing Board in Croatia in 2010, and was appointed CEO in 2012. From 2014 to 2019, Harald Riener was a member of the Managing Board of Donau Versicherung where he was responsible for distribution and marketing.

Areas of responsibility: Assistance, Customer Experience, Tool Box Sales

Country responsibilities: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine

Supervisory board positions or comparable positions in other Austrian and foreign companies outside the Group: VIG/C-QUADRAT