Measures to promote women to the Managing Board, Supervisory Board and management positions in the group

Appreciation of diversity and, therefore, removing barriers in women’s careers is one of the key elements of the human resource strategy at VIG Insurance Group. Gender is one of the three priorities of the diversity concept at both VIG Insurance Group and VIG Holding level.

Nomination procedures for Group-wide training programmes for management, high potentials and experts are also required to have as balanced a gender representation as possible, with the local human resources department bearing ultimate responsibility.

Female Supervisory Board Members

Women hold 19.6% of the positions in the Supervisory Boards of the consolidated insurance companies across Europe (as at 31 December 2019) and 40.0% of the positions in VIG Holding.

Female Managing Board Members

Women hold around 25.7% of the positions on the Managing Boards of consolidated VIG insurance companies and around 22.0% of the Managing Board chairs are women. In VIG Holding, 50.0% of the Managing Board members were women as of 31 December 2019, including Elisabeth Stadler as Chairwoman.

Females in management positions

Including distribution, women hold around 46.3% of the management positions at the level directly below the managing board of consolidated VIG insurance companies across Europe (not including distribution: around 52.2%).