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Four good reasons to invest in the leading insurance group in the growth region of Central and Eastern Europe.

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1. Growth: from a position of strength

VIG Insurance Group is operating from a position of strength. It is the leading insurance group in Central and Eastern Europe. It also has solid capital resources and the best rating of all companies in the Austrian ATX index. That puts it in an optimal position to take advantage of growth opportunities associated with the economic catch-up process in the former Eastern Bloc, Baltic states and Balkan countries. This growth potential is shown, for example, by their insurance density. The people in this region spend less than a tenth of the amount on insurance premiums that the average Austrian invests in his risk provision. VIG Insurance Group is growing organically in its insurance companies, and by company acquisitions, provided they are economically viable. These are generally supplementary acquisitions, also referred to as bolt-on acquisitions.

2. Vision: focus on the trends

VIG Insurance Group strives to continuously improve. It keeps track of social and technological developments and adapts to changes with foresight. VIG Insurance Group is implementing many measures to ensure that it can take advantage of future opportunities – such as systematically digitalising all areas of the Company, creating suitable solutions for new risks, and using assistance services to create added value for customers. In this way, VIG Insurance Group is gradually transforming itself from a claims handler to a service-oriented provider of loss prevention services.

3. Responsibility: sustainable diversity

VIG Insurance Group combines economic objectives with social and environmental goals. The investment and underwriting guidelines approved in 2019, for example, provide for a gradual withdrawal from the coal sector, while continuing investments in non-profit housing. VIG’s basic social values are reflected in the Group by its high regard for cultural differences and different perspectives. Local management, which guarantees Group insurance companies a high level of autonomy, is combined with effective management of the companies by VIG Holding. In addition to promoting innovation and customer proximity, the diversity in the Group also helps to balance risk, since a wide diversity of brands ensures that all target groups are addressed. As a composite insurer, VIG insurance companies offer products and services for all needs. And they use all distribution channels, with Erste Group given priority for bancassurance.

4. Reliability: for all stakeholders

It is no accident that the insurance group can look back on almost 200 years of company history, since thinking in terms of generations is at the core of insurance. The business model is continuously optimised at the same time, with the aim of making the entire Group more efficient and increasing its operating performance. VIG Insurance Group wants to be successful and profitable in the long term for all of its stakeholders: For its customers, so that it can satisfy all of its commitments at any time. For society as a whole, since companies can only be successful in the long term in an intact social and ecological environment. And for its shareholders, as shown by the fact that a dividend has been reliably paid every year during the 25 years it has been listed on the stock market.The dividend policy adopted in March 2019 provides for a distribution in the range of 30% to 50% of the Group result after taxes and non-controlling interests.

At a glance: VIG insurance group’s equity story

Growth (Icon)

VIG Insurance Group relies on its leading market position and solid capital base to exploit growth opportunities, especially in Central and Eastern Europe.

Vision (Icon)

VIG Insurance Group keeps track of technological and social developments and prepares early for the resulting changes.

Responsibility (Icon)

The VIG Insurance Group acts with responsibility towards the environment and society and with respect for different cultures and perspectives.

Reliability (Icon)

VIG Insurance Group thinks in terms of generations. Based on its values, it takes the interests of all stakeholders into account.