Agenda 2020 – Interim results

What VIG has successfully achieved since the start of the initiative.

Business model optimisation (Icon) Business model optimisation

Shared services and mergers

  • 11 companies merged

Optimising the profitability of motor insurance

  • Unprofitable truck portfolio reduced by 14% since the start of Agenda 2020


  • Roll-out in 13 companies in 10 countries
  • 70% coverage of the claims in these companies at the end of 2018

Closed file review (CFR)

  • Performed in 9 companies in 5 countries

Ensuring future viability (Icon) Ensuring future viability


  • More than 150 digitalisation projects being implemented
  • VIG digital vision and digital inventory used in 10 countries
  • VIG internal innovation competition, VIG Xelerate, held for the second time

Expansion of internal Group assistance services

  • 5 assistance companies in 7 countries in Central and Eastern Europe
  • More than 500,000 assistance cases since the start of Agenda 2020, of which 80% were already handled by VIG’s own companies

Insurance of the future

  • Cooperation with InnovationLab Leipzig
  • Motor strategy lab for the motor business of the future
  • Cooperation with start-ups
  • viesure start-up established at the beginning of 2019

Expanding lines of business

  • Health insurance: 84% premium growth in the CEE region, primarily driven by a 108% increase in the 5 key countries of Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Hungary
  • Bancassurance: Since the start of the initiative at the beginning of 2018:
    • Group-wide premium growth of 14% (CEE 20%) in the non-life insurance area
    • 27% increase in health insurance portfolio premiums in Austria
  • Reinsurance: 17% premium growth for VIG Re, 2 new branches established in Frankfurt and Paris to allow both the German-speaking region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and Benelux region to be served
  • SMEs: Premium volume exceeds the threshold of around EUR 339 million for the first time