Group Annual Report 2023

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The new sustainability programme

As part of the VIG 25 strategic programme, the Group also developed a new sustainability programme. This strengthens sustainability as an integral part of the business model.

For VIG sustainability means creating economic value today without doing so at the expense of tomorrow. In addition to the tradtional environmental, social and governance aspects, economic efficiency and a profitable business model remain at the core of all efforts. The Group-wide VIG 25 sustainability programme was developed in collaborative process with the VIG insurance companies. Together the six spheres of ­impact were defined. In this context asset management, underwriting and operations primarily have an ecological focus, while the spheres of impact employees, customers and society primarily address social aspects.

Asset Management

VIG’s investment decisions contributes to the climate transition. By 2050 the greenhouse gas emissions from the investment portfolio shall reach net zero. Measures such as the application of exclusion criteria, an engagement approach and an increase in the proportion of green investments serve this purpose.


Greenhouse gas emissions in the corporate and retail underwriting portfolio are also to be reduced to net zero by 2050. Criteria are being set for which industries will not be insured. In addition, as part of the engagement approach VIG companies support customers in better adapting to climate change.


The emissions from operations and business travel shall reach net zero by 2050. Already by 2030, VIG aims to be climate neutral in this area. We envisage achieving these targets through conscious energy consumption, the increased use of renewable energies or by travelling for business less frequently and in more environmentally friendly ways.


VIG aspires to be an attractive employer and promotes employee centricity, diversity and equal opportunity. As part of the sustainability programme it plans to measure its attractiveness as an employer by using an international index for the majority of the Group companies.


VIG places a high value on customer satisfaction and established its own competence center for customer experience in 2023 in order to understand their needs even better. In addition, it wants to close existing protection gaps in society, for example for under-served or socially disadvantaged customers.


VIG promotes risk competence in its markets through risk education. In this way, it supports people in making well-informed decisions and taking responsibility for protecting themselves against risks. Furthermore, it promotes the commitment of its employees for causes that benefit society.

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